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What is IPaaS ?

Integration & Automation Services​

Customer First
Strategy & Roadmap​
  • Integration landscape and maturity assessment​
  • Integration platform selection
  • Future state platform definition
  • Integration Strategy Definition
  • Business Process Automation
Facets of Our DNA
Implementation & Migration
  • Platform installation / Setup
  • End to End development
  • Migration from SAP On-Prem Integration to Cloud Integration Suite
  • Process Automation development
  • Enhancement and Change Requests
  • Integration - manual testing
Support & DevOps
  • Setup DevOps
  • 24X7 Integration platform support
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Supported by Tarento’s Clone, Enhanced Monitoring Tool (Integration Inspector)
Tarento Integration Competence Center supports the implementation of several leading integration platforms
SAP Process Integration, Process Orchestration, Cloud Integration, iRPA​
Biztalk & ​ Azure Integration, Power Apps​
Oracle SOA, Oracle Integration, Oracle Cloud​
iPaaS Solutions & Tools for Cloud Connected Business​



iVolve (Integration Evolution) is Tarento’s Bold Vision that approaches the topic of integration with a 360 degree view on not only helping Enterprises evaluate, decide and develop a strategy and roadmap for strategic integration platform(s) but also in easing the process of adopting and migrating to the chosen platform.

Move to Cloud​

SAP customers today aim to embrace the cloud and migrate their existing legacy integration platform, but many are falling short of achieving this in an efficient way.
​We at Tarento have come up with an automated solution for helping businesses move to cloud integration.
​Our approach comes with a migration package bundled, based upon 4 pillars (services) from Tarento Integration Competence Center in migrating to SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration).

Here are the different phases of the Move to Cloud Journey:

  • Automated Discovery – Landscape Assessment through our Discovery Tool
  • Migration – Automated Migration of interfaces
  • Testing – Manual and Automated Test Support
  • Integration Operations – Deploy Tarento’s Accelerators such as Groovy Script Repository, Compare and Clone Tool, Integration Inspector
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VECTOR SPRINT develops a comprehensive understanding of AS-IS situation and sets roadmap for TO-BE state for an Enterprise Customers transformation journey.

​VECTOR helps in strategy and key decision making to significantly improve the odds of success of the embarked Program/initiative.

  • Focused on Enterprise scale customer​
  • Helps in prioritization of work areas
  • Identifies general short term and long-term change plan
  • Helps balance of expectations from various stakeholders and end users
  • Significantly reduces implementation risks
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Neo to Cloud Foundry​​

Migrates integrations from SAP’s proprietary Neo platform into the open-source application platform Cloud Foundry environment.

  • Packages​
  • Flows​
  • Credentials
  • Oauth & Keystore
Platform Selection Tool​

A tool built up on rule engine and research publication inputs, that helps customers to pick their own choice of integration platform answering few set of questionnaires​

Assessment Tool​

Assessment tool helps the customer to perform an automated discovery of existing on-prem landscape and to plan for migration from SAP PO to SAP (IS) with a detailed Approach Document that includes:

  • ​Interface complexity​
  • Redesign / Redevelopment needs​
  • Migration Plan& Cost
Groovy Script Repository​​

Curated Repository of reusable scripts, built on best practices that can be plugged into multiple iFlows for increasing the speed of development and effort reduction.​

Compare and Clone​​

Cloning tool helps to compare and clone the artifacts from one tenant to another and recreate the full / delta set of artefacts on click of a button

​This tool also helps to move interfaces from Neo to CF platform.​

Integration Inspector​

More Feature/functionalities for monitoring interfaces, over and above standard SAP Cloud Integration Suite.

Helps to reduce the operational cost by 30%.

Migration Automator​

Migration Automator tool built by Tarento helps customers to pick and choose interfaces for migration from SAP PO/PI to SAP(IS) with a single click. ​


A lightweight Enterprise Grade Integration platform for Small & Mid-Scale Enterprises.

​It helps consumer packaged goods companies automate their sales processes and improve productivity ​

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