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integration services
Integration & Automation Services​
Strategy & Roadmap​
  • Integration landscape and maturity assessment​
  • Integration platform selection
  • Future state platform definition
  • Integration Strategy Definition
  • Business Process Automation
Implementation & Migration
  • Platform installation / Setup
  • End to End development
  • Migration from SAP On-Prem Integration to Cloud Integration Suite
  • Process Automation development
  • Enhancement and Change Requests
  • Integration - manual testing
Support & DevOps
  • Setup DevOps
  • 24X7 Integration platform support
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Supported by Tarento’s Clone, Enhanced Monitoring Tool (Integration Inspector)
Tarento Integration Competence Center supports the implementation of several leading integration platforms

iVolve (Integration Evolution) is Tarento’s Bold Vision that approaches the topic of integration with a 360 degree view on not only helping Enterprises evaluate, decide and develop a strategy and roadmap for strategic integration platform(s) but also in easing the process of adopting and migrating to the chosen platform.

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Move to Cloud

SAP customers today aim to embrace the cloud and migrate their existing legacy integration platform, but many are falling short of achieving this in an efficient way. We at Tarento have come up with an automated solution for helping businesses move to cloud integration.

Our approach comes with a migration package bundled, based upon 4 pillars (services) from Tarento Integration Competence Center in migrating to SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration).

Here are the different phases of the Move to Cloud Journey:

  • Automated Discovery – Landscape Assessment through our Discovery Tool
  • Migration – Automated Migration of interfaces
  • Testing – Manual and Automated Test Support
  • Integration Operations – Deploy Tarento’s Accelerators such as Groovy Script Repository, Compare and Clone Tool, Integration Inspector

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VECTOR SPRINT develops a comprehensive understanding of AS-IS situation and sets roadmap for TO-BE state for an Enterprise Customers transformation journey.

VECTOR helps in strategy and key decision making to significantly improve the odds of success of the embarked Program/initiative.

  • Focused on Enterprise scale customer
  • Helps in prioritization of work areas
  • Identifies general short term and long-term change plan
  • Helps balance of expectations from various stakeholders and end users
  • Significantly reduces implementation risks
Neo to Cloud Foundry

Migrates integrations from SAP’s proprietary Neo platform into the open-source application platform Cloud Foundry environment.

  • Packages
  • Flows
  • Credentials
  • Oauth & Keystore
Platform Selection Tool

A tool built up on rule engine and research publication inputs, that helps customers to pick their own choice of integration platform answering few set of questionnaires​

Assessment Tool

Assessment tool helps the customer to perform an automated discovery of existing on-prem landscape and to plan for migration from SAP PO to SAP (IS) with a detailed Approach Document that includes:

  • Interface complexity
  • Redesign / Redevelopment needs
  • Migration Plan& Cost
Groovy Script Repository

Curated Repository of reusable scripts, built on best practices that can be plugged into multiple iFlows for increasing the speed of development and effort reduction.

Compare and Clone

Cloning tool helps to compare and clone the artifacts from one tenant to another and recreate the full / delta set of artefacts on click of a button

This tool also helps to move interfaces from Neo to CF platform.

Integration Inspector

More Feature/functionalities for monitoring interfaces, over and above standard SAP Cloud Integration Suite.

Helps to reduce the operational cost by 30%.

Migration Automator

Migration Automator tool built by Tarento helps customers to pick and choose interfaces for migration from SAP PO/PI to SAP(IS) with a single click.


A lightweight Enterprise Grade Integration platform for Small & Mid-Scale Enterprises.

It helps consumer packaged goods companies automate their sales processes and improve productivity

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