In a fast paced world, you need an IT Services partner with a proven track record in solving Enterprise, Digital, Data and AI needs. As a Nordic-Indo IT Services company, Tarento has been working with aspiring businesses for more than a decade to make the right technology choices and implement the right IT systems. Each day, we live to the mantra of Technical Excellence, Customer Success and Agility.

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Better business with better data
Better business with better data

Everyone wants to be data driven, but what does it mean? We at Tarento help you find the data that matters and ways to make that data work for you. We can help you reach maturity with your data, or take you to the next level.

Take control of your change
Take control of your change

Change is constant. We can help you choose the direction of change that suits you. With tools like change management, strategy design and implementation and expert facilitators we make sure the change you face is the one you want.

Architects of success
Architects of success

When you need help finding the correct direction or way forward, Tarento is your partner of choice. We are architecture, design and agile experts who will take your idea to the next stage.

Modern solutions for your business
Modern solutions for your business

Have you tried digitalization enough times already? We deliver results that fit your business needs and the ever changing environment. When you need modern technical understanding and solutions, we make sure you get what works.


"We had a project of considerable size that we would have struggle to deliver without our partner Tarento. Tarento showed themselves as the real experts on the area. They have done quick deliveries of complex scenarios, helped us go through highly important periods without any downtime keeping a clear and good communication with all the stakeholders. Additionally, Tarento is flexible and technology agnostic with the real passion to help. It has been and it still is a pleasure to work with Tarento."

- Mirko Adamovic, ITDS Integration Lead, Elkjøp Nordic.

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We are a Nordic-Indian company and support our global clients from our offices in Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; Bergen, Norway and Bangalore, India. We take pride in combining the incredible dynamism and technology skills of India with the established order and efficiency of the Nordic countries.

Tarento was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of the Swedish consulting company Connecta, with the vision of building an organization that included a talent base of various advanced technologies. In 2014, we became a part of the Acando Group.

Tarento Norway was established in late 2019 with focus on data, cloud, and IT advisory.


Thormøhlens Gate 49A, 5006 Bergen, Norway

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