From productivity to AR we have carefully crafted these apps to benefit the wider society. It is our contribution towards making a better world, today and tomorrow.

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Kronos - Employee Engagement System

This application is a companion app and needs an account. If your organization is interested to onboard please drop an email to

  • Suite of applications focussed on employee engagement and productivity
  • MIS platform for the management
  • Reporting and Analytics capability
  • Growing list of apps currently include the following - Time Reporting, People directory, Calendar, Events, Announcements and Bookmarks
Kronos iOS

English for Kids

Kids learn better when they see, hear and practice. So, here is the English for Kids app that provides all of these at your fingertips.
This app is particularly designed for preschool and kindergarten kids that will help them learn and speak English appropriately.

Considering the curiosity of the kids, the app also has examples which they can refer to learn.

English kids

Grid Games

Grid is a fun game designed for all age groups.
Grid has 3 major parts which is a great test of your memory and color matching capability.

Play the color grid - test your vision
This is the right game for you if you wish to test your color sense. There is a grid which has a cell of the darker shade than the rest. Choose the right color and scale up to the next level and measure how fast and precise you are.

Memory card- boost your focus
Memory training is needed for all age groups. And this game brings you a variety of sections of matching pais which will help develop your memory while having fun.

Count fast - play and learn
This one is perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids which will help develop their numeracy skills. This game is to teach the kids the numbers from 1 to 50 .

Grid iOS
Grid app
Grid game

Start Drawing

Gone are the days when you needed colours, pens and sheets to draw. All you need now is a mobile device. Just grab your device,pick a color and start drawing anywhere.
The DRAW app is a simple drawing pad targeted for kids. This is a great app as it lets the kids familiarize themselves with the colors and shapes and doodle whatever they want.

Having the realtime graphite grading scales and size of pencils makes it easy for kids to draw shadows and patterns and learn to draw with ease.


QR Scanner

The QR & Barcode Scanner is the perfect tool to scan your QR codes anytime and anywhere.
QR Scanner is extremely easy to use; simply point to the QR or barcode you want to scan and the app will automatically detect and scan it.

Now you can easily scan and read all QR / barcode types including text, URL, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats all in one place - QR Scanner

QR Scanner