Data builds information, knowledge, ultimately value. It enables new business models. Enterprise systems are the bedrock of businesses. Innovation comes from our ability to combine technology, business and design. An empowered team who can think out of the box, can transform the business.
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Innovation & Transformation

VECTOR/LEAD Sprint, Solution Packages for Innovation and Business Transformation Initiatives

Enterprise Systems and Integration

  • Enterprise & Industry Cloud
  • Collaboration
  • Enterprise Integration

Digital Enterprise

  • ​Modern Web & Mobile Solutions
  • New Product Development
  • Custom business solutions
  • Highly Scalable Digital solution platforms
  • E-Commerce Implementation

Intelligent Enterprise

  • Generative AI, Machine learning and Deep learning
  • Smart bots, Language, speech & audio solutions
  • Data Governance, Data Lakes, Visualization, Analytics & Insights
  • AI Automation and RPA
  • Low code / No code solutions
Quality Assurance
Quality Engineering, Automated Testing and Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) Setup
Sustain & Improve
24/7 Application Maintenance, DevOps & Data Maintenance Service​
AI Innovation Suites and Proficiencies

The next wave of business transformation with Tarento's AI expertise, revolutionize results and productivity by creating solutions that will redefine success.

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Turn your paper documents into easy-to-use digital files with our Document Digitization service. Quickly convert, store, and manage your important papers with our advanced technology. Boost your productivity and keep your data safe with our reliable digitization solutions.

Speech Solutions

Go beyond typing with our text-to-speech and automatic speech recognition (ASR) tools. Enjoy crystal-clear audio processing and a suite of voice interaction features for effortless communication.

AI Language Solutions

Conquer communication barriers with our comprehensive language services. Translate text with precision, transliterate for perfect pronunciation, and transcribe for clear understanding for wide spectrum of languages.

Smart bots & AI Automation

Unleash the power of AI with our intelligent SmartBots. Automate repetitive tasks, generate instant responses, and manage workflows with ease. Experience seamless integration and watch your productivity soar!

Vision, Audio & Video

Transform your multimedia projects with our diverse toolbox. Leverage video transcription for clear communication, professional voice-overs for captivating narration, and powerful image recognition and classification tools.

Content Generation & Moderation

Utilize AI-driven content moderation for efficient filtering and safeguarding online platforms, providing profanity detection services across text, images and videos.

Programs and Frameworks

Be it New Product Development, Application Modernization, Migration, Data Strategy, Integration Roadmaps or much more, Tarento’s proprietary programs and frameworks are focused on helping our customers discover business use cases, develop feasibility study & detailed requirements, carve out MVPs, define roadmaps and suggest relevant realisation plans.

Solution Packages & Accelerators

Solution Packages deployable at the click of a button are focused on solving business and technology problems. On the other hand, our accelerators help bring down the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Target Completion Date TCD significantly aimed at reducing the overall Time to Market for our customers.

Customer First

With a vision to co-create a better tomorrow and a ‘Employee First Customer First’ philosophy, helping our customers and employees to reach new heights has always been at the core of Tarento’s culture. We put #CustomerFirst, always!

Facets of Our DNA

Engineering Excellence, creating fantastic User Experience and being Agile to adapt to the ever changing business and technology needs are in our DNA. We strive to be best in all aspects and we are passionate about building innovative solutions, inspiring interfaces and delightful interactions for our customers and their customers.


Our philosophy to achieve Technical Excellence is simple - It’s a continuous cycle of Explore - Learn - Apply - Share and Explore. With this, we bring in the right balance of technology and domain expertise to deliver sophisticated, competitive and cost effective solutions, that address complex business problems of our customers.

Global Talent

Being a Nordic-Indian company, we take pride in bringing in the incredible dynamism and technology skills of India with the established order and efficiency of the Nordic countries.


Quality is never an accident, it’s a habit. At Tarento, we believe that Quality is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and we always strive for unrivalled customer experience.


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