A lightweight enterprise grade integration platform for small and medium enterprises
A lightweight enterprise grade integration platform
How can Øresund help Businesses?​
Automate Sales Process

ØIP helps Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies automate their sales process and improve productivity/efficiency.

Get Real-time Insights

ØIP provides you with real-time data and analytics, salesforce automation, distributor management, order management and inventory management.

Integrate Multiple Channels

ØIP can integrate multi-channel supply chain processes and boost productivity by following the orders, inventory, delivery tracking, billing, payments and collection on the go.

Take Data-driven Decisions

Post integration, ØIP also helps you to take smarter data-driven decisions, Customise on-the-move management, Automated claim calculations and empower digital sales.

Multichannel Supply Chain Integration

ØIP is a testimonial to support the Consumers packaged goods SME/SMB segment of the customer base to achieve their aspirations with a simple light weight integration platform with distributors.

Features of ØIP​
Ease of defining the mapping of fields from Source and Destination systems using UI
Capability for data validation and processing like Aggregation of row ex: invoice lines to invoice
Ability to configure and schedule Jobs for each integration entity
Highly configurable using templates to include future integration touch points as well.
REST, SOAP and File based adapters ​
Capability to execute jobs manually on a need basis
Capable of Synchronous as well as Asynchronous operation
Error logging and reporting at Job and record level
Transaction Duplicate Checks
Runs on open-source technologies
ØIP - Deployment offering (Perpetual License Model)​

Our Deployment Offering Package comes with 4 different offerings with the capability to build Enterprise Integrations (Custom Applications, On Premise & Cloud ERPs) if necessary.

Integration Services and Support12 months
Enterprise Integration (A2A, A2B Integrations)Depending on the plan
Additional Solution Packages/AdaptersApprox. 3-4 weeks
ØIP Middleware Foundation Setup2 weeks
Find the Right Solution and Embrace the vision of a ‘Connected-Enterprise’ with Tarento’s ØIP

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