Strategy, Selection, Migration & Consolidation of Enterprise Integration Platforms

iVolve - An approach that embraces Accelerators, Frameworks, AI and Automation

Integration - The Challenges

What is iVolve?

iVolve (Integration Evolution) is Tarento’s Bold Vision that approaches the topic of integration with a 360 degree view on not only helping Enterprises evaluate, decide and develop a strategy and roadmap for strategic integration platform(s) but also in easing the process of adopting and migrating to the chosen platform.


iVolve framework - Key data points


Al embedded automation framework for selection and migration of platforms


Upto 70% Effort Savings around migration


1.5X faster realization of Rol


Developed in Consultation with over 100+ stakeholders, personas include ClOs, Integration Architects, Gartner and other independent analysts


A platform agnostic future roadmap - Many to Many vision (Migration of SAP PI, SAP PO, Webmethods, Mulesoft, Azure Integration, SAP Integration Suite, Boomi, etc.)


Only partner currently in the world focused on Al based automated framework for integration platforms


Solution fitment for Large and Medium Enterprises


Flexible, transparent commercial & engagement model

A r’Evolutionary approach towards helping enterprises with the Integration Strategy

Our r’Evolutionary path includes 3 major steps – Decluttering Decision, Building Absolute Clarity and then Moving to Cloud. Each of these steps or phases is supported by tools and frameworks which help customer accelerate the whole process of their strategic integration journey.


Integration Platform Recommendation Tool
Decluttering the decision making in Enterprise Integration platform investments

Reduce the inertia by leveraging our platform selection tool as a starting point. The tool continuously source several best of breed platform information including inputs from key experts in the integration space (practitioners, architects, customers and advisors) to provide an initial subset of platform recommendation based on customer inputs.


Vector Sprint
Building Absolute Clarity for the future platform

Vector Sprint is a 4-5 week multiple workshops driven approach to further the clarity, evaluating deeply every aspect of enterprise integration needs of your organization, and delivering a comprehensive integration strategy outcome for confidently embarking on integration transformation engagements.


Migration Automation Framework & Accelerators
Move to Cloud

From setting up the cloud environment, developing interfaces and setting up the governance process to migrating and consolidating existing legacy integration landscapes, automation including a plethora of tools and accelerators to deliver early Rol while lowering the total cost of migration significantly.


Tarento’s AI based automated integration migration platform

Enterprises often acquire multiple integration platforms over time, through M&As, internal business unit mergers, or to meet specific past needs (e.g., EDI management, file transfers, event-based processing). With modern iPaaS solutions like SAP Integration Suite, Workato, and Mulesoft transforming core integration capabilities, there's growing awareness of the legacy systems that companies must maintain.

Discussions with CIOs and Platform Owners reveal surprising costs associated with recurring licenses, specific skills, and teams required to sustain legacy integration systems. Despite recognizing the benefits of consolidating the integration landscape, many are reluctant due to the challenges of migration or transformation, involving costs, efforts across business units, documentation development, and understanding dependencies.

Enter Tarento's AI-based automated integration migration platform, offering a solution to streamline this complex process.


Tarento’s Move to Cloud : An AI based Automated Migration Offering

Pillars of Migration

Supported by vector Sprint Methodology & ‘Assessment Accelerator’
Selective Migration powered by ‘Tarento Migration Automator’
Supported by Manual Testing / Automation testing suite
Integration Operations
Integration Operations
Supported by Tarento’s Clone, Enhanced monitoring tool (Integration Inspector)

Many to Many : Migrate from Any Platform to Any Platform

The focus on automating migration for SAP integration initially, with a fully automated approach for SAP PI and SAP PO, has resulted in potential savings of up to 70% in migration costs for customers. The solution is now extended to include automated discovery and accelerated migration of popular legacy middleware platforms like Webmethods and modern iPaaS like Mulesoft, taking another step toward assisting customers in their migration journey.

The automated process guarantees a minimum of 40% cost savings for customers, with ongoing enhancements, including AI capabilities, boosting automation accuracy significantly. Positioned to cater to a diverse global customer base and after discussions with CIOs, Integration Architects, SMEs, and analysts, the migration platform's vision is to be 'Many to Many,' aiming to automate migration regardless of the source and target platforms.


What are the current supported scenarios that the automation framework caters to?

Summary of integration platforms supported as part of automated migration including discovery currently in the solution includes;

Source/Legacy Platforms

SAP Process Integration

SAP Process Integration

SAP Process Orchestration

SAP Process Orchestration

Web Methods




SAP PrBoomi


Target Strategic Platforms

SAP BTP / Integration Suite

SAP BTP / Integration Suite

Azure Integration / Logic Apps

Azure Integration / Logic Apps





Integration landscape consolidation

Integration architecture

Our Accelerators & their Advantages

Complimenting some of the tools provided by SAP, our framework incorporates a series of tools and accelerators in the larger integration context. The summary below will help understand some of the key differentiators.

Assessment Accelerator (Discovery Tool)

Assessment Accelerator (Discovery Tool)

  • Utility tool - Reduces the pre-study of manual effort up to 50% for SAP and Non SAP landscapes
  • Generate As-Is Documentation & Reports
  • Produces accurate inventory of interfaces in as-is landscape
  • Automatic Complexity determination
  • Risk and Compatibility Checks
  • Accurate Estimates

Groovy Script Repository

Groovy Script Repository

  • Scripts built on best practices from deep expertise
  • Reusability of common functionality for effort reduction

Compare and Clone

Clone and Failover Management Tool

  • Clone artifacts from one tenant to other tenant, single to multiple tenants
  • Supports migration from Neo to Cloud Foundry Platform
  • Supports High Availability and Zero Downtime Architecture with a scale in – scale out / provisioning of tenants across regions on demand


Advanced Transport Management & Governance Tool

  • Transport management capabilities
  • Compare artefacts and versions
  • Easy access to adapter configuration details
  • Updating of externalized parameters etc


Enhanced Monitoring via Integration Inspector

  • Feature/functionalities over and above standard SAP Cloud Integration Suite

Migration Automator

Migration Automator

  • Automated Migration (Click based)
  • Integrated tool (Project management, Aligned with Discovery outcome, Tracking etc)
  • AI powered framework catering to SAP and Non SAP Platform migration

Automation Factor / Effort Savings Benchmark (As of Q4 2023)




Webmethods to SAP IS


Mulesoft to SAP IS


PI/PO to Azure Integration


Webmethods to Azure Integration


Mulesoft to Azure Integration


Automates migration 2x faster from On-Prem to Cloud (SAP…

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