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About the Customer

Influence AB is a Swedish management consulting firm powered by Collective Intelligence, a unique model developed by the Collective Intelligence Research Team at the Stockholm School of Economics. Collective Intelligence is an evidence-based approach to sharing and integrating knowledge using self-navigation and reflection to achieve commonly defined goals.


The consulting company wanted to revamp and build a web platform (CIBoost) to digitalize the collective intelligence model to make it accessible to more teams and businesses. The digital solution was envisioned to:

  • Facilitate an operational framework governed by the principles of collective intelligence
  • Help accelerate on-boarding of teams and users
  • Improve productivity of its users


Tarento as the partner of choice

As a leader in providing digital solutions from concept to deployment and with its vast experience in helping Nordic customers, Tarento was an obvious choice as the implementation partner.


Designing a collective intelligence system required several key challenges to be overcome:

  • Lack of a modern, sticky digital presence
  • Outdated and basic digital systems
  • Low user motivation, adoption & engagement
  • Several usability issues



Tarento’s solution approach involved deploying its pivotal LEAD framework, a multi-phase exercise which brings Lean & Design Thinking together in an Agile framework to reduce the inherent risks in successfully bringing innovative products to market.

After 6 weeks of high intensity LEAD sprint followed by a continuous discovery process with audits & interviews, Tarento was able to conceptualize a holistic solution that tackled all scenarios of people, product & solution. Key aspects of this phase included:

  • Interviews with experts and users
  • Audits, analysis and prioritization sessions
  • 4 LEAD workshops
  • Continuous ideation, prototyping & validation

By taking a human-centric approach, we created tech-business-design oriented actionable artifacts for rapid enablement of development teams.

  • Visual design prototype
  • Mobile application design and strategy
  • Actionable roadmap (techno-functional)
  • MoSCoW Analysis & Audits
  • Opportunity solution tree (Epics and features)
  • Technical visions & architecture docs
  • Customer journey maps
  • Actionable Insights for Developers

Outcomes and Impact

The clarity achieved as a result of LEAD helped development teams quickly take up the implementation of the recommendation made in the roadmap. The team was able to successfully roll out:

  • Digital process and system for users to consume content, admins to create interesting content and teams to facilitate the collective intelligence process.
  • IOW, a role based custom multi-tenant application to establish the CI intelligence practices and protocols in all participating organizations.
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