Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions for an Australian Engineering Conglomerate

About the Customer

Our client is an Australian engineering solutions provider, operating in the electrical, information technology, semiconductor, and power utility industries. The engineering group offers a comprehensive range of quality components, consumables, tools, testing and measurement services, which are all certified to relevant local Australian standards.


With a large portfolio of 8 companies under its ambit, each an industry leader in its segment, data management, analytics and reporting were vital to decision making. As part of its Application Lifecycle Management Services, the company looked to address the growing requirements for a robust decision support system.

  • Manage and support existing data warehouses and reports
  • Ensure data is loaded in a timely manner
  • Assure quality of data in the existing system
  • Integrate multiple systems and create new dashboards


Tarento as the partner of choice

The engineering group sought expertise from Tarento to support the existing data warehousing landscape and implement new dashboards and reports. Riding on its vast experience across Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutioning, expertise on SAP and Microsoft enterprise stacks and a structured approach to the engagement, Tarento emerged as the partner of choice for ALM services.


The engineering group faced many challenges in moving to a data-driven decision support system.

  • Maintenance of existing Data Warehouse with few niche tool sets
  • Ensure timely and high quality reports
  • Lack of SME knowledge among internal teams
  • Creation of new Dashboards were needed for quick and enhanced decision making



The Tarento team comprising of Data Engineers and Data Analysts with the support from Data Architects and Project Manager adopted a holistic approach to providing the Application Life Mangament (ALM) services:

Support Existing Landscape

  • L1 & L2 support for 2 SQL Server DB
  • L1& L2 support for 5 Power BI reports
  • L1 & L2 support for ETL process to load data
  • Monitoring of batch processes
  • Resolving batch failures
  • Resolving data issues by interacting with source systems and business users.
  • Problem Management – identifying root cause and permanent fixes.
  • Update documentation periodically
  • User management (creation / deletion / access).
  • Learning new tools on the job

Build new systems for enhanced decision making:

  • Analyze VA system and migrate to Power BI
  • Integrate systems likes SFDC, ERPs, 3rd party to create a central DWH
  • Implement 4 new PowerBI Dashboards
  • Enhance Sales Dashboard

Outcomes and Impact

Tarento was able to successfully implement an Integrated System while simultaneously providing support to existing data warehouses, enabling continuous improvement and generating relevant reports for enhanced strategic decision making.

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