Accelerating Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyle Practices through Digital Transformation

About the Customer

SustainChange is a fast-growing company from Stockholm who are into sustainable lifestyle and proactive occupational health. With a digital change platform and proactive health services, the company addresses areas such as work environment, mental well-being, absence management, conflicts and inefficiencies etc. Individuals and teams are guided to true change that endures in the long run. The net effect is a measurable improved well-being, improved cognitive abilities and increased productivity for everyone in the organization.


SustainChange through their years of experience and research had established a model for individuals and companies to adopt sustainable practices for everyday life, but it was a manual process. The company wanted to create a platform to digitalize their unique process/model to cater to both the B2C market and the B2B market.


Tarento as the partner of choice

As a leader in providing digital solutions from concept to deployment and with its vast experience in helping Nordic customers, Tarento was an obvious choice as the implementation partner.


The challenge was to design an end-to-end solution that:

  • Digitalizes conventional and analogous processes
  • Made the process simple, alluring and sticky for users
  • Solved the challenge of acquiring new users and organizations



Tarento’s solution approach involved deploying its pivotal LEAD framework, a multi-phase exercise which brings Lean & Design Thinking together in an Agile framework to reduce the inherent risks in successfully bringing innovative products to market.

After 6 weeks of high intensity LEAD sprint followed by a continuous discovery process with audits & interviews, Tarento was able to conceptualize a holistic solution that tackled all scenarios of people, product & solution. Key aspects of this phase included:

  • Interviews with stakeholders and users
  • 6 LEAD workshops
  • Ideation & prototyping
  • User testing and validation

By immersing ourselves into the problem statement as well as potential solutions, we created tech-business-design oriented actionable artifacts for rapid enablement of development teams.

  • Mobile application design and strategy
  • Web platform - visual design prototype
  • Actionable roadmap (techno-functional)
  • Functional requirements and story maps
  • MoSCoW Analysis & Audits
  • Technical architecture direction

Outcomes and Impact

The clarity achieved as a direct result of LEAD helped development teams quickly take up the implementation to deliver quick releases of:

  • iOS and Android apps which received extremely positive feedback from their target user base
  • Corporate portal (web application) to engage teams and companies in establishing sustainable practices at work life
  • Administration portal to manage the users, organizations and licenses etc.
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