Tarento helps Martin & Servera close an estimated SEK 85million partnership deal with Iver

The Martin & Servera group, Sweden's leading wholesaler for restaurants and commercial kitchens, has chosen Iver Sverige as its new IT partner! We congratulate both Iver and Martin & Servera on this partnership, and we wish them a long and successful collaboration.

Tarento as a trusted advisor, helped Martin & Servera develop a new sourcing strategy for their infrastructure operations, the internal organization structure to support it, and assisted in choosing the best infrastructure partner for their needs.

Iver eventually won a five-year contract worth an estimated SEK 85 million to deliver a complete infrastructure solution based on its reference architecture, where security and automation are the most important pillars.

We wish both partners success in Martin Servera's continued digital transformation journey!

Read the official press release here.

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