Our Expertise

Technical landscape evolves at a breakneck pace in today's world. At Tarento we work with robust enterprise technologies and cutting edge open source.



Modern businesses are run on information & knowledge. Information is based on data. Data is the bedrock where success is built. Whatever you do to improve your bottom line and expand your business, you need to have information available and it is based on fundamentals of good data management.

  • Data Quality; Master Data Management (MDM) systems & processes; Data maintenance
  • Analytics and data science is needed to extract insight from data
  • Data Governance & architecture sets the overall framework for taking advantage of the modern day oil data.


  • Enterprise systems & their integrations are the heart of modern business - we work with SAP and MS based systems. In IBM the ecosystem with Sterling.
  • Continuous AMS/AO/DevOps services
  • Enterprise and business architecture
  • Running enterprise systems is not managing a mere machine – it is like taking care of a living organism. We are there for you.

Read more about how we can help you in your SAP based enterprise platform and about supporting your Microsoft enterprise backbone!



Innovations make a company grow and prosper. Novel ways of seeing the businesses - and getting novelties up and running - is what drives the world.

  • Continuous innovation is the recipe for survival and prosperity.
  • We have practiced and instilled a mindset geared towards innovation via proactiveness and out-of-box thinking.
  • The mindset is founded on hardcore IT skills on mobile technologies; on IoT & automation, as well as on foundational SW development environments and frameworks.
Support Services

Support Services

We have a few ways of working deeply ingrained in our DNA. An example is that we ensure high delivery quality by disciplined QA and testing processes. We also have breadth and depth of experience in running DevOps based system development & maintenance, as well as ITIL based disciplined incident and service management operations.

We apply these common ways of working in all we do. Some of them can also be offered as separate services to our customers.


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