Technology Lead

Skill : Java/Python Experience: 2+ years Location : Bangalore No of Position : 1


Job Description:

  • Good knowledge in JAVA or Python programming language.
  • 2-6 years of experience.
  • 6 months exposure to AI/ML.
  • Knowledge of Spring/Spring-boot/Play or similar framework(s).
  • Knowledge of training and testing an AI model.
  • Familiar with Elasticsearch + Kibana (ELK Stack).
  • RASA / NLU / NLP.
  • Constantly add new features and capabilities to AI Chatbot.
  • Adding new Intent to the bot model and training the existing intents.
  • Fixing any bugs in existing bot code - (Java/Python language code).
  • Liaising with the client to understand new requirements and implementing them.
  • Keeping the client updated with bot related statistics.